at least i finally have a hotel with very good wifi and since i wasted $129 on this hotel for nothing when i still had a room in shreveport for the night, it better have good wifi. i got tired of the wifi never working at my old hotel at the eldorado in shreveport unless i went thru my phone service. for some reason their wifi only worked the first day, and then never would again. i think the problem is with my laptop since so much is on it slowing it down since i refuse to pay for the free AVG installed on my laptop which wont work unless u pay for it and it also is unable to be uninstalled unless u pay for it. 

id been winning so regularly on blackjack lately, i thought i was becoming immune to taking big losses. of course the machine at coushatta is a whole lot better machine with a much better cashback rate and rate of return, since it dont shuffle every hand. but id even won on the bad type at marguaritaville Bossier city and on live blackjack lately too, so i was over confident. plus the main problem was the old one of carrying way too much cash i had no way to deposit in the atm. 

well i dont have that problem anymore. the $5788 in cash i had on me earlier today is $1452. and the only way i could stop myself from losing that too at the eldorado shreveport was to leave immediately. regardless of the fact i couldve booked a cheap allegiant into vegas tomorrow at 1148 am for $133. regardless of the fact id have to find a driver willing to go long distances, and pay a lot of money. and he didnt take me nearly as far into texas as i was hoping he would. but im out of shreveport at least. but this is such a small town theres no uber or lyft here or at least not tonight. supposedly in longview not too far down the road they have it but not here. just an amtrak station, and i also found out theres no cabs. 

so im going to need a cab from longview to drive me to an amtrak about 7am in the morning and i called to set it up. that will be about another $65, and then a train into dallas is $25 more. i shouldve stayed in shreveport and took that plane into vegas, but i was worried id lose more at the tables and wouldnt have the self control to not gamble. 

i wish my friend Courtney from dallas wouldve came to pick me up like we had discussed but then she quit answering. the one on my facebook page u guys seen commenting if i needed anything. i dont think she understood the urgency in getting me out of shreveport before i lost all the money. and that only happens when i have too much cash on me. u notice i didnt lose the money in the bank or use a debit card to withdraw. but i was worried of what i might do if i was still on that boat all night. 

shouldve found out what kind of comps i couldve got for a $2600 live BJ loss and about another $1700 loss on the video machine. but i didnt because i had no interests in more free nights to keep me in shreveport any longer.

damn that hurricane, or i couldve still been around coushatta. and damn the uber driver in lake charles who thought id be better off going to shreveport instead of houston to get away from the hurricane. and damn the fact coushatta wouldnt reopen because they had no way to reinstall their phone services. 

i sure wasted a lot of money including the money wasted to get out of shreveport and pay for a 2nd hotel but this sure is a lot nicer room. and hopefully it saved me about $1000 since now i wont be doing any more gambling until im in dallas or durant. 

i cant believe im down to about $13700 of a $18,400 roll. but before todays big loss, it kept growing and growing. remember how quickly it grew from $10,300? id had so many wins in a row from either poker or blackjack it was unbelievable. 

and theres a laundry facility here and i need to use it but i kind of just want to relax in the room. 

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