overall, i hadnt been doing too well the 3 weeks ive been staying at Choctaw, and the nicest thing about being here was no transportation is needed to get back and forth to the casino, since im living on property for about $425 a week. (thru the poker rate, although now my cost per week has been lowered, since im finally receiving 2 free nites a week thru my non poker play, and Bill Potts is paying half the costs of the room). but for the most part, the games suck in the poker room. too many pros, too nitty, and im just not a good 6 max player. weird since this casino isnt subject to any state gaming laws or regulations, being a soveriegn nation unlike all the other non indian casinos in OK, which would be under the gaming commissions regulations. so why they do 6 max ive no idea. its not like the virus is actually around making people sick, or we wouldve heard about it by now. there would be local news stories all over dallas about people getting sick from visiting Choctaw if so. 

and i find it difficult to even make money during the hours of 5-10 am monday thru friday, when they give u $25 an hour for playing, (or being in the poker room on the list waiting for a seat). 

this blog has long been needing updated, so im doing it this morning while im washing my laundry (thank God theres a guest laundry in the hotel) and ive finally got some news to talk about. other than the fact my tooth is getting in worse shape. the one i didnt have pulled when i only had one done that day in march and the dentist said i should either then or in the next 3 months. Houston charges too much at their dentist office. only vegas was reasonably priced. 

ive put in a lot of points on my card in the 3 weeks ive been here. about 120,000 points. and about half of them is from poker, and the other half from playing the VBJ machine, which is why bill potts is here. its been figured by Bill Potts that it will give u $99.86 without counting, plus the 20cents back on your players card in freeplay, which brings it over 100 percent. and added to that is whatever u gain by making the big bets and the small bets at the correct times. ive never seen a vbj with such good rules and though im not down on it overall ive still had some bad sessions. there are no APs on it because they are not willing to trust anything in an Indian casino to be honest. 

so that means ive got a lot of tier points, and the drawings in this place (where a random player currently on a machine anywhere in the casino with their players card inserted and actively playing) on various days and times, i finally got called yesterday. people with more tier points have more entries and a better shot. 

so first i was put into a slot tourney where only 10 enter, and 9 of those 10 receive $125 in free play, and one person gets the entry into the tourney at 6pm where u are guaranteed $1000 or higher. 

i got very lucky to win the shootout, so i was guaranteed at least $1000, and i was to return in an hour for the finals. and then in the finals, i took second for $5000. first wouldve been $10,000, third wouldve been $2000. and last place in the finals is still $1000. it had only 10 people in it also. 

thats not where u would expect almost one third of my entire net worth in life to come from would u now? but that puts me back to 17k slightly above it. 

sad thing is it means ive got a 3rd w2 in the last 2 months. i asked if i could get it in free play instead but they dont do it. 

i really shouldnt stay here as lousy as the poker games are for action, but my room costs are really low now. but i need to get my teeth fixed. and i want to be where i can find looser action. im worried i might drop a lot on the VBJ and Bill Potts will drive me to the closest bank of america atm in texas today, which is about 20 miles away but google maps is often wrong on this. it claims bank of america atms exist in shreveport and once u investigate u find out they havent been in operation in years there. same way with toledo ohio, Ray and i discovered that too. had to go up to michigan to deposit. 

all i know is when i have too much cash on me like i did when staying and playing at the eldorado shreveport after the hurricane, thats when i have all the big size blackjack losses. 

some of the players and some of the dealers are assholes here too. they will either refuse to chop, make a big issue about adding $20 to my stack and claim its a short buy, when the floor said it isnt as long as it brings my stack to over $100 or is already over $100. if i only had $50 and it brought it to $70 then it would be disallowed. a short buy is only when u are broke and u only receive 1 for the whole day and then it must be at least $50.

one dealer who said he was going to quit his job and go back to construction really made a big deal, and believed an asian guy who lied the other day who told him id originally sat with $50 when i sat with $100 and my stack had slowly dwindled to $50. and he is the same guy who never ever tells me thank u although ive seen him tell others when they toss him $1. most of the pots are so low with $1 auto taken out for the jackpot u cant tip, and so i tip more on the really good pots. 

never once seen Jason C here who moved from vegas to texas, or cdizzy11. 

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