BIG Rush II is off to a great start! Through two flights 92 players have entered and 14 have advanced to Day 2. Day 1 A advanced 4 out of 28 players, and Day 1 B will bring back 10 of 64.

There are 6 more chances to play and earn your way into Day 2. Just 14 players are currently vying for our $100,000 guaranteed prize pool! Flights are at 10AM and 6PM today through Saturday. Remember, seating will be limited so arrive early for your flight!

Here are the standings after our first two flights:

 Paul  Lim           293,000
 Norman  Rogers           258,500
 Matthew  Borowsky           247,500
 Wade  Hulmes           244,000
 Gerald  Johnson           230,500
 Liang  Chen           212,000
 Andrew  Nunez           181,000
 Tong  Shao           144,500
 Steven  Priamano           100,000
 Miguel  Reyes              99,000
 Keith  Mumford              94,000
 Robert  Merriweather              66,500
 Marcos  Zarza              66,500
 John  Amerman              60,000


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