We are nearing the finish line with just two flights left in BIg Rush II!

Friday’s Day 1E added 31 entries to our total, and 6 players advancing to Day 2.

Day 1E:

 Chris  Capone          204,500
 Christopher  Bonn          183,000
 Alex  Schwint          193,500
 Lawrence  Diehl            82,500
 Jason  Satriano            80,000
 Andrew  Kessler            32,000

In the evening, the 6PM Day 1F drew 84 entrants. 14 of those players bagged including a new 2nd overall stack.

Day 1F:

 Richard  Cohen          379,000
 Gary  Martin          264,000
 Audwin  Davis Sr.          217,000
 Jeffrey  Mosely          190,000
 Liming  Tan          182,500
 Gary  Quach          163,000
 Pat  Dicrecchio          121,500
 Westley  Soper          111,500
 Steven  Barry          103,500
 Brian  Dougherty            86,000
 Ken  Goodking            86,000
 Martin  Reider            69,500
 Kevin  Lutz            66,000
 Chris  Amarai            63,500

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