some of u think the online BJ games are rigged on ACR, and ive lost most times when i play, but not this much. for some reason i started playing there a day ago with my $119 i had left online, and for some reason i couldnt lose. and eventually i sold $850 on acr to a friend of wec. its currently enroute to my bank account from Venmo.

ive also won a few live sessions lately, bringing my roll back to $9200 from when it had dropped as low as $7400 a week or so ago. i can no longer afford to risk money in hilow far out on the other side of town, and if i stick to NL i might come back, but i really need to get some money together to afford a side trip to louisiana to renew an ID.

some things i wanted to discuss on here ive put off til a later time, since this blog is so overdue and im exhausted tonight because when i came home i got online and did my laundry. so ive got 2 clean masks again. and a couple weeks supply of shirts and pants.

i worry i cant travel anywhere with an expired ID. not only to anywhere with a casino where i could be asked to leave because of it, but i worry about checking into a hotel, although some people claim some of the hotels thats too expensive for me allow people to check in on their phone without any human contact who could ask for ID. and the phone supplies the door key. but ive always used airbnb for a way to check into most places without ID.

the TSA lets u fly with an expired ID, but casinos still wont let u in their hotel because gaming regulations dont allow for expired IDs. a non gaming hotel might not care. i havent tried visiting a casino since the start of the virus because im afraid to leave TX with all the uncertainity. though im getting quite tired of being here and i think i could win easier elsewhere with less people at the table than here in texas and who wouldnt know anything about how i play. my pattern is getting too familiar here.

does anyone know of 2 young asian women in the las vegas area who went to houston a few days ago for the sole purpose of playing poker in Houston? (at least its what they told another asian guy whod joined the game). ive seen them 4 nights in a row now and theyre very tight, always winning, and they dont play anything but holdem, even in games that include a hand of omaha. one of them is Japanese and plays with $100 while the other wins heavily and often buys the max. and the one girl films the huge pots shes in on her phone and tries to avoid anyone noticing. one girl always wears a wynn hat, the other girl has a blank hat. Does this fit the description of anyone readers from the las vegas area know? they will return home within a few days they said back out of Houston.

the coffee pot got broken at Kings and no one can make coffee, but hopefully tomorrow this one nice asian girl named Trina who deals is going to replace it (she told me she was going to) and that way it will be fixed sooner than the owner who was going to on Monday. ill be glad to have coffee again. i cant imagine what its like in reno and detroit without self serve coffee anymore. maybe some rooms still do i dont know. been told it no longer exists in casinos due to the virus.

im also still thinking of florida or reno or a couple other spots but i worry the casinos will have to close down again. especially as flu season starts up after october. of course the numbers are way overblown. many tested as positive multiple times and should count as one case and many got a positive who didnt have the virus. or who werent even tested, according to news reports.

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