id been doing well last week, had my last $7000 or less back up to over $11,500 but that all came to a halt a few days ago. i was stuck early on at Kings $434, and i left to get the money back over at 52 social. i managed to get about half of it back, and eventually ended up back at Kings. and then i got back a little more and shouldve went home only down about $150 for the day. (a loss small enough to recover the following day and not effect anything).

but then i heard that poker warehouse was holding a 10-100 high low split game, which i never get to play. but i dont have enough to afford $5-10 blinds. and i know the worst thing i can do is play when tired too many hours in a day, but its my only opportunity to play that structure so i went over there. and i made a final big mistake by not depositing half of my cash in the bank as planned before i went there.

ended up losing my initial $300 (and at one point was up $121). rebought $240 and lost that, then added on $200 more and lost it. Leo sat on my left (had position on me) and he makes the game loose with a lot of raises and i wish i couldve been on the other side of him because i felt obligated to call the raises. eventually i rebought $1000 plus paid for a massage i thought was $1 a minute (most places in houston are) but it was $2 a minute.

i soon left in an Uber dead tired with only $150 to play with when i woke up the next morning unless i wanted to withdraw money out of the bank, which of course was the last thing i wanted to do. and i turned that final $150 into $500 yesterday, but then lost it all back again tonight and im tired. and i need to buy more produce and wash laundry too tomorrow. i also played tonights freeroll tourney at empire and wouldve been in great shape to make the money except for a hand close to the end when i became severly crippled and soon busted. i had 88 and shoved and both callers had AK and somehow a king still hit the flop. couldve tripled the money instead of dropping from 89k to 20k.

and the coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are going up like a rocket in TX and florida and im wondering if its due to poker rooms reopening so much. the governor shut down all bars in TX yesterday and all the cardroom owners fear they will be next to follow. i dont know where to go if they close. for i dont trust neither florida nor NV not to do the same and theres not really any other states with poker rooms open hardly at all. wearing a mask is now strictly enforced on the city bus, all grocery stores and in the poker rooms.

and i saw a weird sign tonight in the convenience store by where im living that said to pay with debit or credit card if u dont have exact change and if u do have coins available they would like to buy them from u. claimed theres a severe coin shortage among banks here in houston. never heard of this, anyone else heard it?

i wish i wouldnt have lost my cloth mask. the others with strings make your ears feel sore and u constantly need new ones.

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