the city bus was still running, and if lightning is able to login and edit the pictures stored on my phone that are not on my laptop, u can see there is NO fare, half the seats are locked out so no one can sit next to anyone, and the driver is blocked far back from the passengers. (why there is no fare). u go in the back door of the bus instead of the front door to avoid being near the driver.

i have never been to an HEB store before but i was told it was better than Walmart, and it was closer to where im living but in the opposite direction of where the cardroom is, so id never been there before. when i got there i seen security outside (with guns in their pockets) and a line of people spread apart a little bit waiting for a shopping cart. eventually i was assigned a shopping cart (at the time Ray was phoning me) and they sanitized every cart before they handed it to a new person.

there was plenty of food inside, except none of the Hormel microwaveable Compleats meals i so desperately needed. and a lot of things like spaghetti and noodles missing too and canned goods. but there were plenty of eggs, cans of tuna, a whole aisle of bottled water, and also toilet paper and paper towels. it was a little higher priced than walmart and i also got some fruit. There was a wells fargo ATM inside which i used to withdraw $400.

But a lot of people were wearing masks, some makeshift masks made out of bandannas. and it made me nervous because it caused me to wonder if sick people were going out to shop who were out of food. the govt specifically said u shouldnt be wearing a mask if u arent sick. one of the illegal games i went to was passing out masks to anyone who wanted one, and the guy running the other game wasnt comfortable with the idea of someone wearing a mask. one thing i did NOT see in the store was hand sanitizer, unless i dont know how to tell the difference between it and regular soap.

i only ended up buying $35 worth of food, because i have some at home, including a refridgerated jar of dill pickles mom recommended were healthy which i cant seem to open. and there is still a chance i leave next tuesday to live at my moms house for a month while i have nothing else to do. she tells me i wont owe nothing but my food costs, and all i need to do is mow the yard.

i also got plenty of change so i can wash a load of laundry again. and i have some detergent.

yeah ive got only about $45 on ACR because i sold Maninblack $10.50 worth of it and i need to get more of it myself and ill need about $200 worth if i go to moms. theres really no way to win money online, and im playing way too low of stakes because i dont trust anything higher than microstakes. plus in the $1 and $2 tournies and under, the late registration is open FOREVER and by the time u reach the money u are in for like 6-10 buyins or so and when u cash u still lose. i imagine its different in the bigger tourneys but i cant afford the higher priced tournies.

to avoid this u can play sngs but they take longer to fill than in the old days of stars, but with all the new people online its getting better. so i finally switched to a lot more sngs and less mtts. and i still like the hilo stud games too.

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