Bengaluru FC vs Odisha FC. (Picture Courtesy – ISL Media)

XtraTime Web Desk – Before the start of the season, Bengaluru FC were thought to be one of the favorites to win the tournament. They even started well but with time, everything started to fall.

Facing Odisha FC today, the blues would have expected to win. However, the young boys of Odisha FC showed that they are not an easy team to snap against. In the 8th minute mark, Odisha picked up the important goal. It was again Diego Mauricio who did it for them.

Bengaluru were desperate to clinch an important win for them but Arshdeep cancelled all their efforts. He rescued Odisha a couple of times before halftime and kept Odisha’s lead intact going into the break.

The second half started just liked the first half ended. Bengaluru pushed hard while Arshdeep made all the important saves to keep Odisha in the driving seat. Odisha countered as well. Jerry got an amazing opportunity to put Odisha 2-0 up but he hit the ball straight to Gurpreet, who didn’t have much difficulty.

Cleiton Silva’s free-kick hit the bar in the 68th minute and the blues showed more desperation as the time was drawing close. They were finally able to beat Arshdeep in the 82nd minute when Erik Paartalu put Bengaluru into level terms.

That wasn’t enough for the day. Post conceding, Odisha got another great opportunity to score but Daniels left footed shot missed the target as Gurpreet had very little to do. It was an easy chance that Odisha wasted in the dying minutes.

Indian captain, Sunil Chhetri also got his opportunity. Playing in the central forward role, Chhetri collected the ball well but he failed to put the shot on target. If he could’ve, Arshdeep would’ve been beaten for the second time in the day.

Jerry once again missed a sitter in the 90th minute as Bengaluru’s defence wanted to went for the offside trap but Jerry beat the trap and went 1v1 against Gurpreet but he managed to keep it out as the match ended 1-1.

Odisha remained 11th in the table with 8 points from 13 games while the blues are in 7th, with 14 points from same number of matches.


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