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Tom Brady has been a fixture of conference championship week since the turn of the Millennium. His career has been as consistently amazing as it has been disproportionately successful. Many have wondered whether Brady’s success was a product of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick (or vice versa), with the 2020 season helping those who think it’s the former feeling validated. 

There have been more than enough articles about that, so I wanted to look at Brady’s career from a different point of view, especially as we here at UFFda! Sports do more types of content (for example, we just launched a Minnesota Hockey website, 

In this case, if you ever wanted to know how much money you would’ve made had you bet $100 a week every week on Brady’s team(s). I’m not talking solely about Super Bowl betting, but rather every regular and post-season game (against the spread).

Bill Speros (of Bookies) posed that exact question for sports bettors and Bradyphiles alike. So, how much would you have made if you bet on Brady against the spread from the inception of his career on November 23, 2000?

The answer? $5,760.

The long answer?

  • Brady is 199-135-8 ATS including postseason during his 21 seasons in the NFL
  • That’s a net of $6,400 using a $100-per-game formula
  • The total take includes a -110 line for reach point spread
  • Brady’s overall winning percentage ATS: 58.1%
  • Brady is 9-4 straight-up in his 13 AFC title game appearances, all with New England, and 8-5 ATD

The best season for punters was 2016 (with or without Deflategate), where Brady went 13-2 ATS and ended the season by erasing a 28-3 deficit in Super Bowl 51 and covering a -3 line with a 34-28 overtime victory over the Falcons.

With a ball free of air! What a pro!

Ironically, sports betting remains illegal in both Massachusetts and Florida, the two states where Brady has played his home games in the NFL. It is also illegal in Minnesota, which is something we here at UFFda! Sports will change in the near future (because we like being able to afford food (I know, selfish)), but will still cover from time-to-time as there’s no sector of fandom that is growing as much or as quickly than sports betting! 

So, go forth with this amazing bar trivia scenario and if you’re in a state like Iowa? Put $100 down for us for Brady against the spread this weekend! Thanks

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