yes im glad i finally had a trip where i didnt lose money while i was in deadwood. and i made it out with over $10k in profit still. and i still got $28700 and the most i had while still in deadwood was $31700. and not all the money was lost, some of it was spent on airfare, transportation fees, hotels, etc. and i also won some money today playing poker. over $300 between 3 places in total. 

in fact i won so much money at the DMG, when i went to check into my hotel room where i had 4 free nights earned for the month of december, along with $600 in free play. so i ran into Tyler the main boss who had been on vacation and he told me that i was the last one he would give a free room too and id been beating up so bad on the VBJ, the owner of the casino didnt want me in there no more. so now that the Bullock is the only remaining decent VBJ (except on thrusdays in the silverado) but its hard to tell when it shuffles and i lost about $2500 there before leaving deadwood. i was also up to $50 a week in free play at the silverado too. 

first time ive ever been thrown out for winning too much on a video BJ machine, live BJ yes, but not recently. i never do anymore because in live BJ i do so much to make my play look like martingaling instead of counting, i never win and always lose. so theyre fooled. not that it helps when i never win in live BJ.

that is a very small casino with no business and i took them for about 10k in a little over a month. quite a big loss for them. and Bill Potts claims since Tyler hated him so much and called the police on him, he mightve done it since he knew we were friends. 

so i spent a day in rapid city in a hotel for a very low rate ($41 including tax at fairfield marriott). and that way i easily made it to the airport to fly to texas at a much lower price than i wouldve otherwise. 

now i hate to say this, because i DO NOT HAVE THE VIRUS. but while on the plane into dallas, i started to feel chills, a big fever, and that i was going to throw up and i barely avoided doing so. i felt so ill (and i didnt at all before i got on the plane) that i had half a mind to get off in dallas instead of boarding my next flight. but the next flight was such a short distance and i had already paid over $400 for a nonrefundable hotel for a week in another city so i couldnt really remain in dallas though i didnt feel like getting on another plane. Ray said it mightve been motion sickness or something i ate. 

i was feeling far less feverish on the second flight and was almost at my destination and it was dark on the plane and i think the guy beside me was sleeping. i was in the window seat, and i had a bag of dirty clothes in a carryon bag away from to the outside of my suitcase that was being valeted on the jet stream bridge to pick up as i got off the plane. 

when all of sudden shortly before landing i felt a violent urge to throw up i couldnt hold back and i did inside my mask and my mouth felt awful, so i quickly wiped it in the dark as clean as possible with a dirty shirt and put on a second mask i thankfully had in my coat pocket since id grabbed two masks. and stuffed them back into my bag. i know the lady in the row ahead of me heard me because she stayed behind to get off last to tell the attendant and i dont think the guy beside me ever realized it, or maybe he thought i only gagged or coughed. i wonder if american airlines will not let me fly in the future, but i wasnt feeling sick when i first boarded the flight, only en flight. and it wasnt the virus.

the way i know its not the virus is i went to my hotel in an uber, and got checked in as quick as possible, but never had to vomit again, and fell into a deep sleep. when i woke up i felt fine and they checked my temperature today when i went to play poker and i had no fever. so it had to have been motion sickness or something i ate. no more diarrhea either today. never felt a bit sick since. 

what would u do if u felt sick halfway thru the trip? i wouldnt had nowhere to stay in dallas, and id been out all the money i paid on a nonrefundable hotel reservation in houston. plus Ray had already bought his ticket to houston and is arriving monday so i sure couldnt stay in dallas. not only would i have lost over $400 i paid for a hotel in houston, id also been out a second plane fare to houston later on. no way could i have not got on that final plane. only a millionaire couldve let it go and got to a hotel immediately. 

when Ray gets here i hope i can talk him into renting a car if i pay for it. ill need to set him up with a bankroll of $1000 too. he has no money. i just worry now that he no longer has good credit, even with a big cash deposit they wont let him rent a car. am i right or wrong? my money will quickly go down because i need to pay for a lot longer hotel than just the week i paid too. 

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