to start with, im really getting tired of the way the virus has shut down all the 24 hour grocery stores. me and Ray. and me and stormy the dealer back in reno would go to the walmart in the middle of night and buy food on the way home. and i got to where i depended on that if u want to sleep the right hours for poker, which means to wake up about 7 pm every night to go to work. at least i can still use the laundry room down the hall. 

so i couldnt buy food, and ill have to stay up til morning if i want to buy food. i was going to play poker all night, but i had to quit because i won a big pot and couldnt risk losing it back. this is why i never have one thousand dollar plus sessions. 

i dont really think i played my best poker tonight, but when u have played daily for over 30 years as your only source of income, u know something most people dont know, and thats that sometimes u have to make some really bad plays to win. and im pretty sure that tonight i made more than one mistake. 

one hand, i had AA preflop and being in early position and the first caller, i decided to limp $3 hoping someone would raise like often would happen if i limped in. 5 others limped and the flop comes KJ4 with 2 of the same suit. i bet $25 on the flop and one guy calls. turn comes 5, i bet $75 and he calls and the river comes 8 of hearts for a possible flush. i check and he checked the top 2 pair KJ. 

clearly i wasnt the only person who played this hand bad. it was obvious i didnt have the flush when i checked the river and his top 2 pair was good. and his only calling the turn bet of $75 instead of raising in case i was on a draw or some other hand that didnt beat him, instead of putting me allin and making me pay to see the river, was horrible on his part. because of only calling, he got zero additional money and value out of me. 

and it wasnt only the hands i played bad that lost, it was the hands i won that i played bad too. once i had 3346 double suited, called $115 preflop, and won because of a miracle 3 on the river. another time i had a6t4 double suited, and rivered the flush on both boards for the nuts when all 4 of us in the pot ran it twice, and thats when i quit with $656 of the $180 i was in for. my first buyin was for $60 and my second buyin was for $120. 

i am normally considered a nit, because i fold the vast majority of my hands and wont butt straddle. but this is exactly the way a good player is supposed to play. so i think a better word would be either a professional, or a shark. a nit is a guy who insists on only straddling when he has the button, but wont agree to making the whole table mandatory straddle under the gun, which i constantly try to get into the game to make it 3 blinds and no one will agree. also a nit also tries to force the tables to combine using the rake as the excuse when 2 games are going both 5 or 6 handed. (in houston we play 9 handed in this club and not a single cardroom in the entire state has plexiglass). i have never seen in person a casino with plexiglass at the poker table, except for in pictures. a nit wont play short. but simply because i min buyin until i get heavily stuck, im called a nit. 

a nit is a guy who buys deep and then makes no action. and a guy is definitely a complete asshole if he puts his rack on the floor and his drinks and wont get out of his seat to grab a table and set it next to him, which is the first thing i do when sitting down. the problem is we arent nearly rude enough to those people so they see the light because unlike me, others dont want to rock the boat. a guy is also a complete asshole if hes playing in a room like 52 social where the dealer has zero chips in his rack (the excuse being they cant accept chips for tips unless theyre the special tip chips) but it still makes it impossible to make change easy without bugging a player to do it. so u should always come to the table with a ton of blue $1 chips, but a lot of assholes reach into a crown royal bag and put black $100 chips on the table. theyre so fucking privledged, they bring them home and never cash out. what fools, dont they know the govt could shut these clubs down overnight making the chips worthless. its a lot of work to then force the other players to slowly exchange the chips who might not want to take a $100 chip. and also they like to show off how much money they have by buying $100 in tip chips. now if they bought $1 tip chips, those could come in handy to sell to players without them $1 at a time when needed, but when they buy them in $5 tip chips, those are useless and just to show off their wealth. 

and the most annoying thing of all is the way they constantly have a cleaning women in the mens bathroom. i feel like beating her up every time i walk in the restroom. it should be considering a sexual criminal offense to have her in there and a serious invasion of privacy and civil rights. no casino would have this because it would make the customers very uncomfortable, but they use the excuse there is only 1 bathroom and casinos have multiple bathrooms. and they say she cant help it its her job. but the nazi guards working in Dachua used the same excuse. 

ill be glad once ray returns and he will be so glad to finally have his car, but he is ill and thinks he might have the covid so his family made him take a test and the results are due any moment. but at least hes starting to feel better. enough to visit hollywood once when he has no business doing so and to go to the grocery store. he was seriously ill about 5 days straight. so he wont return now for another 2-3 weeks. his family wont let him near the house for about 14 days. and he was going to do some work to help his mother and get paid for it. Bill potts aunt wouldnt let him near her either so he had to postpone his trip to arkansas and visit Pocola OK instead. she was a democrat too. 

the democrats have ruined this country and it will only get worse. no one in their right mind truly believes trump is at fault for the capitol riot. read my twitter and facebook to get the truth as to what happened.

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