the poker sucks here and i cant win at cadillac jacks, and the virus have basically killed live poker all over the country. even in Houston i shouldve won much easier than i was, and im wondering if Florida is still a decent place to win in. i never realized i was so awful when i play shorthanded. or how lousy i play if im ahead and scared of losing it back. even in VBJ, i bet way too little on good counts when ahead and way too much on neutral or too small of negative counts when behind. kind of like shoving too loosely when behind at poker. 

i was stuck over $900 at one point on vbj today and couldve lost a lot more since i was carrying $3100 eventually i quit up a bit less than $100.

i did find one good online site where i can win at and has the type of games id like to play. id rather not mention just yet which site it is. but my $10 deposit is up to $37 now and i am the type of person who never wins online since i wont use a HUD or play more than 1 table. (very rarely 2). its a poker site.

i am in the exact same room in deadwood i was in a few years ago at the deadwood dicks thats like an apt for a very low price. huge fridge, microwave and dishes provided in the kitchen. sad thing is i had to move out over halloween because it was booked and pay more over the 2 day weekend than i paid for the whole week. and ill have to do the same thing this weekend, then its available til dec 4, when the entire place is sold and shut down for remodeling so the new owners can raise the price for rooms tenfold when they finished remodeling in a few months. 

at least this fridge stores milk without ruining the milk. first time ive seen that in a long time. usually its either way too frozen or spoils. 

I still need to get out of here, before i lose any more money. ive got $16,500 left of the $18,900 i came here with. i guess thats not too bad when over $1500 has been spent on housing, and over $500 paying Vince. considering i lost $900 on poker at cadillac jacks, actually very little was lost on VBJ and had i never played in the Bullock, id be way ahead on vbj from playing at the DMG. i did win a few hundred off the info ive gotten before from Mickey Crimm.

also lost a bunch of money playing machines when theyre not lit up good enough but i suspected they mightve been. probably wishful thinking on my part. 

if anyone wants to hear a good man of God, check out the teachings of JD Farag on youtube. now there is a man who is going to heaven when the rapture takes place when Joel Osteen will be wondering why he was left behind. Jan Markell from Minneapolis is good too and so is pastor Jack Hibbs out in california. 

the Bible says we will be known as Christians because of our love for one another, and i need a lot of work on this, for im so bitter in life (never having a woman to hug me kiss me and say she loves me) its very difficult for me to love anyone as evil and retarted as 95% of the people are. i worry all the time i wont go up in the rapture and sometimes im wondering if the president will and if he really is saved. although he cares a lot about Christians and their civil rights. ive never met a president who cares so much for the little people and has so much compassion for people with disabilities or for people who arent white. examples of his good deeds for those who need help can easily be found online. he doesnt talk about his salvation the way Mike Pence does. 

i worry there will be widespread violence and civil war after trump wins and i am not happy i missed the chance to double my money with big bets on his reelection but i do not trust anyone to pay me after i won the bet and it might take a few weeks before its settled. id love to return to houston or fort lauderdale but it might not be safe in the big cities for a while until we determine exactly whats going to happen. and until we find out who wins the senate and the house. whether Pelosi will remain the speaker. 

i wonder if ill be awake the right hours today for the stud hilow game at saloon ten and if we can get a fourth player to start the game?

i wish i could be with Ray when he visits south bend for poker on friday. i hear its a good cheap game, $50-200 for $1-2NL and $100-300 for $1-2-5 PLO. he delayed it to friday from tuesday because he is going to have more money this way since hes doing jobs for his family. 

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