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Note: Perhaps I missed it but some say Diggs did have an outburst during a game filled with them by the Bills (after the interception during the failed two point conversion). Which, I’m sure people will ignore, but is worth noting considering how this article starts/argues/finishes.

I hate being right all the time. 

It’s a gift and a curse. 

I picked the Kansas City Chiefs to best the Buffalo Bills 34 to 24. 

I also picked the Buccaneers to upset the Packers 38-30. 

The final scores for those games? Tampa Bay 31 – Green Bay 26 with Tom Brady going to his tenth Super Bowl. In the AFC the Chiefs bested the Bills 38-24.

Not too shabby. 

Then again, I had some help. One of the benefits of covering the NFL for a living is that you end up with access to a tremendous amount of data, whether it be from the sports betting world or stats sites like Pro Football Focus. 

We’ve even added our own sports betting insider, Mickey, who will be covering the burgeoning world of sports betting for our new app and YouTube channel: UFFda! Sports. 

Before the AFC Championship Mickey emailed me; saying:

I like KC over Buffalo assuming the line is less than -5.  I already pounded KC -2.5.  On Sunday when the lines opened up for this game the range was all over the place with the casino’s at on line books across the world.  

One site had Buffalo – 1.5 as well as KC – 4 which is an incredible spread between competing sports books.   

Would have loved KC + 1.5 if I could have had the opportunity.  

Now, I’m the guy at the blackjack table that everyone hates because I double down on 7’s and 2’s, and have zero idea what I’m doing or why my thumbs keep getting broken. 

So, I mainly took that as those in the betting world liked Kansas City but not by as much as I thought. I wasn’t exactly impressed by the Bills against either the Colts or Ravens, so I figured that the Chiefs would show the AFC that the Bills and their one-dimensional offense are nowhere near ready for the big show. 

That’s where former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs comes in, as he wanted to be the guy, but when you’re the main component of a high powered offense as a wide receiver you need to come through in big spots. 

The Bills have no run game outside of their quarterback, and while they have some decent complimentary pieces next to Diggs in the pass game, they clearly need to add more weapons to keep up with the entirely stacked Chiefs team next season.

The question then becomes how that’ll affect Diggs’ mood. Again, Diggs wants to win, but as other sites recently pointed out, he wants to be the (near sole) reason that his team wins. Remember when he said that he and Adam Thielen had a healthy competition? 

Now we know that one of the many things that irked Diggs was that he is “no one’s decoy”. Sounds like a real team player.

But that’s not how the NFL works, at least for serious contenders. The Bills may have made it close to the Super Bowl, but they were never really in the game Sunday after barely topping the Colts in the Wild Card round, and playing a third of their divisional round game against NOT Lamar Jackson. 

Now that we’ve essentially seen the peak of what the Bills can do as currently comprised, the question becomes what comes next. I’m sure at least some of the fans in Buffalo are waiting with bated breath to see whether or not Diggs and his (new) BFF Josh Allen stay as chummy now that the chips have fallen where they have. 

To Diggs’ credit, he didn’t lash out (on camera) when a lot of his teammates did in the fourth quarter. He also was the only Bills player left on the field watching the Chiefs celebrate. That could be him trying to remember the feeling of losing so he can use it in the future, or it could be because he is super upset (which I’m not knocking).

But, it’s clear that Diggs needs a tremendous amount of balls to produce the stats he did in 2020. That’s why it took 16 games and over 100 balls to finally get him his first 1,000 yard season in 2018. He can produce when he’s THE guy, but he clearly doesn’t like sharing the limelight so I strongly question whether or not he’ll go along with any plan that doesn’t include him getting magazine covers.

Again, his SUPPORTERS said he wants to win but he also wants to be the reason his team wins. Name a successful NFL franchise that has no real run game and a single dominant receiver as the main component of it’s offense. The Chiefs used press coverage to take Diggs, who isn’t the most physical receiver, out of this game and the Bills had no one else to help carry the load.

If Diggs interpreted the Vikings drafting Dalvin Cook as a betrayal… What will happen when Buffalo drafts a stud running back and/or a 1B receiver in April? Will Diggs feel betrayed? I mean, as I said at the time, when your SUPPORTERS are saying “he’s a great guy but don’t cross him!”, there’s a story or fifty there. 

It’s not what people said about Gandhi, for example, and considering that this is the NFL aka the least loyal professional sports league? I have a feeling my other Bills related prediction may come true right on time.

That prediction? That Diggs was a year-and-a-half to two years from pulling a ‘Diggs being Diggs’ in Buffalo. Then again, perhaps he likes that the team lost when he wasn’t piling up catches and yards, as to him it reinforces his importance.

But it’s clear that the Bills need more help on offense and with that being the case, all I can say to the same Bills fans who dominate the comment section in every article I’ve written about him this season: Stay tuned. 

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