i finally won over $350 in a private game last night, but thats because i was playing in a different location this time. i ended up paying the rent for a week today instead of heading to Kansas, and that was primarily because when i get tired i only think of falling asleep and not catching planes all day and i didnt want to sit around til 7 in the morning and piss off the company im renting from by sleeping and staying home til about 3-4 pm and then trying to check out much later than 11am.

i think i got a good immune system because i dont ever drink or smoke or eat butter or mayonnaise or pizza. all poker players have built up a good one in my opinion. but my fat bloated stomach gets more pronounced.

i have no idea when poker rooms will finally be reopened, and with Trump extending things thru april 30 now, instead of Easter, i dont think ill have any income anytime soon. i guess i was lucky to have 14,800 plus (before i paid the dentist) before this happened, because most dont have that much in their checking account, and im down now to only $11,700. i forgot about my monthly $22 Uber Pink charge, until after the fact. im also glad i did the dental work when i did, but i do wish i wouldve done both teeth when i couldve instead of just the one. But after 1 more months worth of rental and food and miscellanoes expeneses or 2 months, i dread how low ill be then if i dont start winning and selling the winnings on acr.

i had a weird dream last night in which i was trying to shut a door and lock it at my moms house (and these dreams about being there the house never looks the way it actually is) and i couldnt see a soul outside but all of a sudden i felt someone opening the lock from outside and trying to push the door open. and then im at the cannery in las vegas and they are running the wsop there because of the virus because its the only room willing to stay open and hold it.

i ask for a seat in the 10-20 razz game but they were calling it some weird other name i cant remember. and i dream one guy is a pitboss from Binions whose previously thrown me out. and he tells me, these players are the absolute best players in the world and that i shouldnt be playing with them. and he says dont u know who these guys are? and i see stacks of blue $1 chips in front of Barbara Enright, Barney Boatman, and Jan fisher.

and then im outside without shoes on running to try to get to the next street a block away to cash in my chips and im worried about stepping on thistles.

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