im tired of playing online, and ive always had a hard time winning online because i only play one table at a time, and every once in a while i play two. and i dont really like playing live tourneys instead of cash to avoid the bots. i like to know i can get off the computer anytime, and wont be tied up on it the next few hours. (there is way too much late registration unless u play nothing but sngs) and even then the HU portion of it once its you and another player takes way too long since u usually have a lot of big blinds. ive never cared for HU poker. but at least there is NO late registration in sngs, at least for the most part with the exception of the on demand tourneys kind of like a sng. Maybe its also because i dont want to put a bunch of money on here, because i worry how ill get it off if i get too much on here. currently im just selling it off any time i get more than like $150 on here. then ill sell like $20 or $50 of it.

so ill never have that much of a balance on here. which limits me to the lowest stakes games and tournies so i cant ever make any real money. i thought i mightve had a chance to make something decent a couple times when i was like 2nd out of 29 people left. but nothing happened.

the governor in NV doesnt seem to have any interest in opening up anytime soon, even though a few casinos like Wynn, TI, etc are trying to schedule a reopening,before June, but its highly unlikely. and ive heard nothing about any plans to reopen in reno, Laughlin, or anywhere else in NV. Only places i heard opening are bars in Montana on May 4, which are called casinos but really arent, just 10 or less slots and maybe one poker table and the ones i asked said they dont know when poker will be open but it wont be on May 4.

Alaska gal showed me a casino opening in Idaho, but it doesnt have live poker or live blackjack and the one VBJ machine they have will be full of people and not worth playing. and its not where u can access it without an uber if the bus isnt running and its too far from any airbnbs.

im looking for news about a real casino, hopefully with a real live blackjack table, and a real poker room. maybe in AZ, SD, OK, IA, FL, MS, or any state where the casino isnt just a few slots. im tired of losing money in underground games paying $15 rake and where the dealers and women passing out drinks and massages expect much higher tips. u walk inside and theres more workers in there than players.

and im about to head to the grocery store, and sometime in the next month or so, there wont be any meat in the stores, will that affect the frozen meals i buy too? probably. Guess Ray wont be able to cook hamburgers. i wonder if Vince has ever cooked hamburgers?

theres no reason not to open mostly all businesses and casinos now. its not like we have to worry it will cause anyone to get the virus. we caught the virus (and did the shutdowns) right at the tail end of the virus instead of at the beginning in late Jan and early Feb when people were first starting to get ill from the overseas flights before they were shut down. back then, they didnt realize why they sick and their deaths got attributed to the flu. so they were undercounted. and now we are overcounted, because a lot of deaths got called corona when they werent tested. just because it got the hospitals extra money. a lot of people got attached to a ventilator which could permanently damage the lungs when all they needed was to be given more oxygen. because it too gets the hospitals extra money.

so now the virus is dying out in much warmer weather. scientists tell us heat and sunlight kills the virus, and yet the govt wants us indoors where the virus lives much longer. there wont be any of the virus in the USA during the summer. i dont see how someone can catch the virus in a casino when none of the other people will be carrying the virus since its died out. the new cases u are seeing, those are just people who got tested very recently and are pretty much over it without ever having symptoms. the number of hospitalizations is the number we should be looking at, not the number of positive cases, because that will go up anytime more people get tested. but the number of deaths, and hospitalizations, the totals keep going down. we are past the curve in almost every part of the US. and some places with few deaths and hospitalizations refuse to open up (think NV and CA) simply because they have a democratic governor who wants to hurt the President. even though theres no reason to keep their casinos still closed when so few deaths are taking place for the size of the population there.

there are 850x as many people per 100,000 dying in NYC than in places like SD. 1 per 100000 compared to 850 per 100000. then big states in TX also have few deaths. and the same for NV. and i dont know the figures for cali, but basically the only states hit hard were a few in the northeast like NJ and NY and then states like FL and WA and LA.

its not like theres no cure for the virus. anytime someone gets the CCP (chinese communist party) virus, (which is the proper name for it) all someone has to do is to either take zinc, arithomyicine, and hydroxochlorine, and maybe even resmediver. not all studies showed they helped, but there have been enough to know they do, even some from other countries. and of course the personally experiences of others, such as that democratic lawmaker in michigan. and then they need it early before they feel ill enough to go to a hospital because if u take it too late it wont help as much. and if that doesnt cure them, all they need is someone to give them the antibodies. we have got almost 100,000 people we know of that have recovered from the virus, or never got sick in the first place. and likely its been far more once we find out like NY state did that millions of people had the virus and never knew it in the past. which means the death rate is way less than 1%.

instead of locking up the economy, and causing 50 people to be unemployed, homeless, and in poverty and having dire health consequences sometime in the next 10 yrs that we cant see now and wont know which disease poverty will make them succumb to in the future, (for every 1 death we save from dying right now) the only govt mandates should be that people who have recovered donate their plasma and blood antibodies so there will be a supply from 500,000 people instead of from the 5000 people who might donate voluntarily. then u will have a huge supply for anyone who gets hospitalized.

i dont think anyone, except for maybe the very wealthy, would choose the lockdown (which is like a 3 month vacation for them) voluntarily instead of returning the country back to work. and this is why it was a mistake to pay people more than they wouldve made still working, because now they wont want to go back. i seen it from at least 2 of the women who follow me on twitter.

if someone is essentially broke, without an income, or a way to rent an apt, they will in a second take a 2% chance of dying sometime in the next couple of months from getting the virus and becoming ill enough to end up hospitalized if they had a 98% chance of having a much better quality of life financially.

choices are. making $0, losing your place of shelter, losing all ability to buy food, medicine, and ever get health care from any normal illnesses, and ending up cooped up in a very unsafe shelter provided by a church of govt agency where every night u dont know if u will get stabbed while u sleep. or the 2nd choice, accept a 2% chance of getting the virus and dying by going out in public a whole lot more, but still being financially independent in your own place all by yourself, and able to continue to pay for rent, food, and have money for emergency medical care from time to time if u need to have a few hundred once a year for a doctor or dentist. one choice will give u about 40k a year, the other gives u $0. for once u get the first $1200 check some of u will get, (while others fall thru the cracks) there is no 2nd check, at least for now.

im proud of a few of our governors, the ones in FL, the ones in GA, the one from TX, and especially the mayor of las vegas. we need some place to be a test subject, and the mayor was offering up herself as the guinea pig. and the virus was so low in las vegas, i dont see why the whole state doesnt agree with her as important as gambling is to the states economy. i am amazed when flights were coming in, and the city was operating normally crowded with people just like NYC, it had so few issues, and NYC got hit so hard. but if nothing happened then, how could it possibly happen now if they reopened? the virus is basically gone.  its a shame GA doesnt have a casino because if they did, it would open. im not as confident about the rooms in Houston or the actual casinos in FL, i think they are far down on the list of priorities of their businesses. but GA is opening ALL businesses. the only casinos i heard about opening dont have BJ or poker and are in MT and idaho. and they are opening in may, not now.

my mother on facebook is right, this is all about finding a way to hurt Trump and making sure he doesnt get reelected, so they can finally establish globalism, socialism and the mark of the beast with Bill Gates vaccines and a 1 world dictatorship under the antichrist. she knows she wont get the virus even if i came because she believes the Bible in Psalm 91 which says that no plague shall harm u. i should go there too, not only would i have saved a ton of money so i wont run out paying $245 a week plus food where im at, but the rapture will probably take soon sometime this year. so its time for all of us to get right with God and quit supporting abortion of people like me with mental health issues, drug use, and filthy immoral sexual practices. thats why i dont support democrats, they all support the execution of those with disabilities in the spirit of Adolph Hitler. all democrats on my twitter timeline think exactly like him.

if u want to become educated and learn the truth, so u dont die and go to hell, theres videos on utube by Jan Markell Michele Bachmann and David wilkerson which will teach u the truth. Bill Gates has a patent for the CCP virus, and we all know that lab in china did this intentionally and we should respond to china militarily and let them know they must reimburse us. Bill gates vaccine caused thousands of deaths and paralzyed victims in india over his other vaccines. look it up and investigate for yourself if u think im full of it.

would any of u except radical democrats trust a vaccine by bill gates, who supports reducing the earths population by 90%? what happens if the govt makes it mandatory for us to reenter casinos in the next year?

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