1. when u go to the cage at choctaw poker upstairs, u can also get rid of slot tickets. most places require those only to be cashed at the main cage, so that helps when buying or cashing in chips, doing it all together and especially if a ticket is all someone has left who wants a rebuy. 

2. the button straddle is not allowed in games smaller than $2-5. only the UTG straddle

3. hotel rooms are available (and include a refridgerator and microwave) for $49 weekdays, $99 weekends and holidays. without getting in 5 hours of poker, rooms are $139 weekdays and $319 on weekends. so its critical to not quit without being sure u have 5 hours properly credited. 

4. the promotion of $25 per hour 5 hours a day, 5 days a week is worth $125 times 5 for $625 a week if u time your sleep schedule correctly. u can even get paid while waiting for your seat if theres none open for quite a while. which surprised me. 

5, there is a VBJ machine (which offers other games too) made by a manufacturer called NOVO flying blackjack id never heard of them before, they mostly sell overseas and were around in 2009. its a much better vbj than the ones in shreveport. they pay 3-2 $2 minimum $500 max, and stand on all 17s. u can split more than once, and it shows u when it shuffles at the halfway point of an 8 deck shoe. i would bet u herbie knows about it but never wanted to tell me. u get points too on both that machine and the craps machine but very little, only 10c back on every $100 coin in. 

6. people in the poker room get free bottled water and coffee. the casino is way more willing to give it out when u lose to other players and not the house. 

7. the gift shop sells burritos and chicken burgers for the microwave and they have a gas station in walking distance too. also they sell soup for the microwave in the gift shop. and on weekends its 24 hours. 


1. no phone chargers underneath the seats. 

2. the shuttle to durant hotels is no longer running, and i was lied to by their social media person (DM) on facebook. the host office told me that they discontinued it when i was asking about going to walmart and back. 

3. there is never ever an uber or lyft driver nearby, no matter what u find on google search or facebook. closest drivers to get me out of here are in like denison, sherman or gainesville TX, quite a ways off. and the walmart in durant is almost 6 miles on google maps. too far to walk regardless of the fact google maps claim its less than a 2 hour walk. 

4. the games are nitty and tight as hell especially during the promotion in the early morning. none of the dealers are making anything, and a lot of them are former winstar dealers. and if the flop is seen even on a $5 pot, $1 comes out. some dealers take it if u steal the blinds and claim they are supposed to in games under $2 5 NL. although most just let it go and push u the extra $1.

5. the vbj on the other side of the casino in the nonsmoking section is $1 min and shuffles every hand. no way to beat that one. and usually its a lot easier to get a seat there too, but id rather play the better one in the smoking section. the one in nonsmoking hits soft 17 too

6. people losing big money to the house downstairs cannot get bottled water without paying $3. only tap water. 

7. the buyin structures arent that good. the $100 minimum is way too high in the $1-2 (when almost all rooms elsewhere such as florida, reno, and detroit and atlantic city had much smaller buyins). and the $400 cap is too low in the $1-3 NL. the reason the casino does this is so there will be no difference between the $1-2 and $1-3 NL games and not having a difference causes way less table changes between $1-2 and $1-3 saving the staff a lot of hassle.

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