For the first time in a long while, i finally feel like im getting somewhere. i now have more than i left houston with ($15,800 instead of $15,300) and ive also got a new ID, an address in lake charles good til sept 4, about $180 in comp dollars at Coushatta, and about halfway to $375,000 total coin-in required for the highest level players card at coushatta. so i must no longer be behind overall on the VBJ here in coushatta. 

Im also better off than i left Florida with. i had about $11,900 when i left florida, after losing over $3000-4000 on their vbj machines 3 times or more. the vbj machines in florida were much worse because the cashback and comp rate was much lower and they reshuffled every hand with a $5 min. some places it was $10.

of the 14 days off and on ive been at coushatta in either the hotel or the RV park cabins ive only had to pay 3 of those days and each time i had enough in comp dollars to not pay any cash. 

so its pretty easy to live here without charge if u play heavily enough on the machines. 

only sad thing is the action in the poker game is so horrible, i dont think ive even come out ahead on the poker. only place ive come out ahead on the poker is Nugget lake charles where my friend Kim on facebook manages the room. she is from eldorado shreveport. there the game is only 5 handed compared to the 7 handed game in coushatta. but people buyin deep and play wild in the nugget and it seems that even though i hate playing 5 handed and very nervous having more than $100 in front of me when only playing with 5 people, my wins in the nugget were much bigger. several times i turned $100 into $300-400 and quit for an hour, then sometimes returned and sat with $100 again. 

the morning game at coushatta every pot is either chopped, sometimes 4-5 hands in a row, or is below $20 and ended on the flop or turn. the only good news is at least u arent out your blinds because of the chops. same regulars all the time, all of whom are elderly. Garrett and Charles seem to be the best dealers. and the Britni who works the floor some nights. 

i need to find a way to get money into my bank, i dont think they will, but i need to see if theres a way to get a check i can deposit by phone, or wire the bank. i couldnt anywhere in Lake charles because im not a customer of any of the lake charles banks. i tried. if there was one trusted friend here id give them cash to ship me on cash app or paypal to send to my bank account. 

and a big hurricane is coming this week with a ton of rain, so i dont want to have to switch rooms back to the rv park because its like a 5 block walk. i hated that walk in the dark. i hope the rooms dont sell out too much because the host wont let me do it in advance only day to day 

still trying to decide where to fly or take an amtrak too when my month is up. doesnt seem like any more new poker rooms are reopening that havent already opened by now. 

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