i wish originally going to make the title of this entry about Larry Kesslers wife, when i dont even know who Larry Kessler is. I have a lot of weird dreams, didnt know what to write about without offending anyone, so i was going to write about a dream, but now ive forgotten almost all of the dream because ive spent the entire day at the cardroom since ive had the dream and my memory is bad.

i do notice i do a lot better when i spend more time at the tables, especially when there is no rake or time charges. and because of it, theres no point in ever leaving Houston, even though i need to get my ID in louisiana if replacing it is possible. also, i finally got a good room cleaning by the hotel housekeeping staff. and i do better when i spend less time updating the blog and more time playing. so ive won over $3000 since i wrote the last blog 10 days ago, and im finally back over $10k. of course im still extremely broke, i should have at least 40k more than i do. i need to see a medical doctor, get my ID fixed, be able to afford to prepay 6 months upfront and a deposit to find an actual luxury apt to rent to me instead of this motel, etc. and my entire life ive known 6-12 months of poker work can be destroyed in 1 week of blackjack. which is why its best i play in places which do not have casinos or dont have slots.

and i still need more dental work taken care of too, but seeing a doctor is probably a higher priority to be honest. i think its been over 10 yrs since ive had any type of checkup. i am trying to eat better. buying less icecream and more fruit and vegetables in the produce aisle. and i never buy bread.


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Prime hardly gets buisness anymore due the fact it closes at 5am. no one wants to come at 1am, get stuck in the game first 3 hours, then be having to leave stuck. its trying so hard to follow laws and limit the players to 7 really hurt them. other clubs all 8-9-10 handed.

52 gets more business because its around the clock and the owners stole all the big money plo and california players. Kings gets a ton of round the clock business because theres no charge at all in time, nor is there a rake. so u save about $500 a week. been that way for over 2 weeks now.

i figured it would end soon, but on the way home, the owner gave me a lift the other day and told me privately not to tell the other clubs this, but he plans to continue to give free time for several more months or until the other rooms shut down. he said to me hes won so much in the stock market he has zero need for money and is as much set for life as Bill Gates. so hes sharing it with all the loyal customers but doesnt want them to know it yet. first time ive ever seen a business start charging $0 for its product and keep it that way forever. wouldnt it be nice if all rental companies, gas stations, grocery stores and utility companies would follow suit?

i posted this on 2p2 for a few reasons. namely because autistic people dont understand when something is a joke and when it isnt. im just like Benny from roughing the punter. i say things i shouldnt all the time and its got me in trouble with the police in the past. without me even knowing im saying something that can get me in legal trouble. such as my felony at age 19, and my arrest in las vegas. i dont know when something is socially inappropriate which is why i cant find a good woman in my life.

i simply wanted to see who would be foolish enough to believe what i said about the owner of Kings, and to scare the hell out of the managers of Empire (eddie) and the manager of 52 social. i wanted to see if theyd lower their prices even more, although their prices arent too bad now. 52 offers free time from 10am to 3pm, and if u pay empire $20 u get the entire day free including your meal if u do it before 2pm. so theres basically a way in Houston to be constantly playing poker without any rake or time fees for the most part, and that alone is worth about $500 a week to anyone who normally puts in 50 hours a week at poker. so i dont understand why theres still poker players playing in other states unless theyre as tired of playing 9 handed as me and want to play with 6.

i find it funny some of the comments posted on 2+2 after i made this post in one of the threads. most people didnt believe it, and one guy did because hes played here, knows the owner and said the owner was doing well in his stock trading group. and then some claimed its fake news because they swore Kings is taking a rake, and there absolutely isnt any rake. the owner never said this to me and truthfully i have no idea when he will start charging again, but currently hes still not for well over 2 weeks now, and is collecting $0 revenue everyday, and is still giving out free money of $100 drawings at the table a few times a day. so yes hes been operating at a loss. no idea of his motive nor will i guess. i will say he is an extremely nice guy. havent seen him around lately and he was in there a ton.

i was also surprised when one of the employees high up in management decided i was a good candidate to stake in the guaranteed 52k tournement series going on that im sure they were worried would have a lot of overlays. I warned him i was tired because id been playing all day, and i didnt want to see him lose money and id be better playing it on a different day when id be more awake, but he said to play it. and told the tournament director to cover my addons, rebuys, and charge it all to HIM.

so i did as told and lost 3 buyins, the addon, and cost him $490 total. ill never get staked by him again most likely. i know i made at least 2 bad plays. but on the final hand i lost i think i played it well. this was after all addons and rebuys were completed and i had 128,000 in chips with i think blinds of 3000-6000 and big blind ante format. i had KJ suited and was the raiser. flop comes up 397 with 2 of my suit. so i had a lot of outs and shoved over the bet allin, to either go home and sleep or have a large supply of chips to likely be able to make it to the money. it was a flight in which is i went deep enough, id be coming back a different day to finish.

hes never seen me lose so he was probably surprised. they comment everyday about how i constantly sit in the game with $100, run it up to $250-350 and leave with a profit, day in and day out. Ray knows i play horribly when tired. But he didnt.

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