I’m still not doing well, and was over $1000 better off a few weeks ago, and ive still got my work cut out for me to ever get back to over 10k, but the games here seem to be decent still. i got a little worried that week when i dropped over $2300 over a short period of time. id like to go to a few other places and Vince wouldnt mind doing a road trip while hes still not dealing or working the sportsbook and getting unemployment til at least the end of July. so he might come to Houston and if so we could go to a few other cities and do some things ive needed done. (return to LA to get ID, visit family in Ks, and then head up north to a city Vince wants to see). would also visit Choctaw too. and Coushatta reopens their poker room in a week on June 17, meaning a 2nd room in louisiana will finally reopen.

rooms in houston have been getting much busier lately. and one of the rooms ive been in (well for a while it was 2 rooms) have been charging absolutely NOTHING for playing. no rake, no time, etc. so thats saving me a substantial amount of money but only if i was playing nowhere but that room, which i cant really do when im constantly needing to hit and run when my roll is so low and im having to play with my own money. was up $250 once tonight, and quit up $209.

i had something really weird happen to me on my way home tonight. my Uber driver was very close by (5 minutes) instead of 19 minutes but when Leah came, it was a woman in the passenger seat and a guy in the drivers seat. and she told me he was her fiancee and he didnt like her driving at night and wanted to keep her safe. now this is definitely against the rules, so he should be reported, but im afraid to because theyd lose their right to drive for Uber and someone really angry would know where i lived and spend my time at too. but yeah it makes me feel unsafe because i dont know who this guy is and why hes in the drivers seat. he couldve commandeered over her car as far as i know.

the city buses are still free in Houston and have been since march. i find it hard to believe its true but i was told in vegas only the strip bus runs, which would make it next to impossible for a lot of the poor to get to work. all the buses are running here.

i dont even like walking partway down the street in the middle of the night from 1 poker room to the newest Houston poker room, called Empire on westheimer. i worry ill get mugged. doing the day i feel totally fine and taking the bus but i hate being outdoors once its dark. especially since im almost always carrying over $500 unless i just lost all my money. or at least $300. but Ed who runs the new room, is a very nice guy, offered me a shirt from his business advertising it, offered to pay for a massage once from one of his game girls, and also comped me transportation before. i hope his room succeeds and lasts throughout the night so i can have more options enabling hits and runs easier.

also daniel who runs the room across from empire cattycorner is a nice guy. hes gave me a ride before too. and i got $10 for referring a new member. he is still giving everyone free time, no idea for how many more days, but over 5 days now. so he is missing out on about $3000 a day or more by doing this.

i finally got my laundry done too. and i should tell my hotel theres roaches in the room, but worry ill get the blame since the rooms been needing cleaned since housekeeping hasnt been in. if it wasnt for the coronavirus they wouldve forced me to allow housekeeping by now.

Many poker rooms have reopened, and NV managed to get approval for 5 instead of 4 the last minute, so that will make the games better and more rooms want to open. remember 6-7 is much better than 4 handed or 9 handed.

what surprised me the most is turning stone in NY and Thunder valley in CA reopening their poker rooms, and both allow MORE than 6 players, since theyre controlled by far left wing governors. MI will never have poker again in detroit for many months so i guess ill never be able to live at Rays to save money for a long time.

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