Somehow im still surviving during the CCP virus in a profession in which many other people didnt. (playing poker for my sole income). i guess its due to my long time experience (and lack of an exit). im really not much worse off than when i was in Florida. i probably did the right thing in leaving, my hotel costs there were outrageous, and there still isnt a single open poker room anywhere in florida. i dont know what became of the plan to reopen poker at derby lane on may 11, whether the governor stopped it or the staff bitched too much about the plan to reopen.

and since they opened 2 clubs near me (within 6 miles) along with 2 others within 30 miles, and also 4 different underground games ive played at, mostly without good results. (by that i meant if i was invited back, i lost more often than i won). and if i wasnt invited back, it meant i hit and ran with a profit. so im playing poker in the right state. no 4 max tables here, and the legal rooms are 7 max, and the underground places are 9 max. both have masks, and the legal rooms also require a temperature check.

i think a lot of people are going to travel here soon if all legal casinos elsewhere continue to insist on 4 handed tables. luckily Choctaw durant isnt going to do that when they reopen on June 1, and will be hosting a major tourney (a 6 max tourney) on June 6. (according to their website). i havent gotten any news direct from anything but their facebook page. and i have no idea who Bob Talbot is but a lot of people seem to know him and he is on my facebook friends list and he originally posted it. so i guess this is going to be the first live tourney that people might travel to.

theres no tourneys going on in Houston yet, but probably will soon, these clubs used to offer some. a lot more clubs might reopen in TX on May 18, the time bars can legally reopen and the clubs that did reopen early can legally serve beer again. theyre not serving beer right now, but neither are they worried about getting in any trouble, since the governor changed his executive order so no one can go to jail for opening their business early. this was after that salon owner in dallas (who we can all admire for standing up for her rights) spent a short period of time in jail. (major news story see Shelley Luther). even the lieutenant governor offered to pay her fine and serve her time for her if it would get her out of jail, and then the TX supreme court ordered her release.

citizens all over the country are standing up against these tyrannical lockdown orders and the supreme court in WI overturned their stay at home order, not sure how that will affect WI poker rooms and casinos. maybe the one troll named Lester from there who always comments BS on this blog will know?

As everybody can see from that 2p2 thread on poker room in TX that i keep posting in about whats going on in Houston, this is going to be the place for live poker for some time to come if u dont want to play 4 handed or online. 7 handed is better than 6 handed. and i dont see any states allowing 9 handed anytime soon. i’ve won over $500 since paying the weeks rent playing poker in Houston. by doing a lot of hitting and running and constantly buying in for $100 (unless im stuck). if u dont count the money i lost a day or two ago in the underground game, ive won over $900 in the legal clubs in the past 3 or so days since they reopened their doors. and yet some donkeys like Bill Potts dont think games where most buyin for over $1000 are beatable for much and claim i dont make $1000 a week, simply because the blinds are only $1 and $3. actually hes a mule instead of a donkey. Im not a donkey either, im just an ass.

imagine what id be making if some rich person staked me, so i could buyin $500-1000 like a ton of others are every time they sit. sure the variance would be hell, but over the long term, u should win about $2000 a week at the $1-3 NL or $1-3 PLO. most of them are doing it or they couldnt afford to buyin that deep. and the ones that arent winning all own a greenhouse. But until i recover my 5 figure bankroll i wasted in deadwood and florida. ill have to stick to constant hit and runs and $100 initial buyins.

if u dont believe

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