well more and more rooms are beginning to open around the country, mostly in texas or florida. some states where people are dumb enough to vote for demonrats arent ever going to reopen a poker room.

only problem is all the 8 and 9 player rooms. not that im worried about it causing me to get the virus (im not worried) but the fact it might cause the city to change its mind about us being open. and the fact it makes the games harder to beat, and to make us wait longer for a seat because less tables can be opened.

18 people divided up into 3 tables instead of 2 makes getting a seat easier.

the promotion at 52 social where u win an extra $200 if a hand goes to showdown and u win with 52 suited or unsuited is about to end id heard. and Kings is still giving away $1000 a day in various button drawings at different hours of the day. the drop is $2 per hour lower at Kings, and they are within a 1 mile walk of each other, and a 2 mile walk from Prime social. ive walked it many times but wouldnt do it once its dark out. The new black girl who gives massages at Kings is great, and Mel the dealer at 52 social is a very nice and beautiful person. but i still prefer 52 to Kings because i dont want to play nothing but holdem until my bank roll is much larger. its still extremely low

i am still $623 worse off than i was the other day and yet rent is almost due again on tuesday. at Kings they play 1-2 hands of Omaha per orbit just like most of the underground games did. and 3 times this week ive flopped the nut straight it got raised and reraised til i was allin on the flop and sometimes everyone in the pot is allin on the flop. and every time i lost my entire stack. did not hold up one time. u cant just fold the nuts and u cant put yourself at a disadvantage by folding every hand preflop just because its omaha while still posting blinds. all u can do is play your best omaha game, but it sure makes u feel a need to hit and run with some very small holdem wins u would never quit the game otherwise for.

2 of the major places dont mix omaha with holdem. prime and 52. and also some of the places way far out. im never asked for ID in houston because i already got players cards before it expired the end of march. but i feel like i cant go to any casinos because of it so im staying put in houston. i fear like if i go to a new cardroom in dallas, austin or edinbergh or el paso, they wont take my expired ID to sign up for a membership. Mint said on the phone they cant do it. thats why i went around and visited lots of rooms to sign up for a players card in March before it expired. i have no idea if the shreveport DMV ever reopened yet, or if i could rent a room at the hotel on my old ID to make my old ID address still be current so i could renew it. or if i could walk in the DMV and get one in person though i was told once i could. i dont even have a SS card, just this old expired ID and a canadian birth certificate.

my rent increased from $245 a week to $280 i guess hotels are getting more business clients again would be the cause. and grocery stores are staying open longer, the Krogers where food costs more but it stayed open longer than walmart is now open til 11pm. i wonder how long walmart stays open now? later than 830pm maybe? but theres still a terrible bad shortage of Lyft drivers. ray could save up a large bankroll if he went to work driving for Lyft. theres a huge demand, and so many arent working now and collecting unemployment the few who are working are extremely busy and making a killing. if u dont believe me, join a lyft driver facebook page and look at them bragging about how much they are now making compared to the old days.

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