well it doesnt always pay to try to do the right thing and not make yourself look bad to the casino. they have a promotion here which pays $25 per hour for playing, (or being on the waitlist) between 5am and 10am 5 days a week. so i walked in the poker room right before 7am, and got 3 hours in and finally got called for a $1-3 seat at 10am when people were getting up when the promotion ends. (and i had earned $75 in chips for waiting). 

now we all know the staff doesnt like it when people leave at 10am without even playing, especially when theyve been getting paid the whole time. and though Bill Potts is willing to do it and tells me i shouldnt feel guilty for it, i dont want to look bad to the staff. 

so i sat and within an hours time, i lost my $100 buyin twice and then lost another $15 of the third $100 buyin and wasnt even given a thank u from the supervisor for staying and playing. now do u see why i feel i shouldve just left at 10am like everyone else does? regardless of the fact i didnt get seated til then. i also couldve only played 15-20 minutes and left when out the first $100, but i wanted to get that back before i did. 

and the only hand id have won was a hand i folded. had A2 suited and called a raise to $15 even though it cost me 1 sixth of my stack because of the massive pot odds and being on the button. so many seen the flop i did too. flop comes AJ8 all in diamonds. guy last to act bets $40 and gets called, i folded. 2 of spades on the turn. both check. 8 of spades on the river they both check. JK wins the pot. wtf? how can he bet and the other guy call the flop without a flush or ace that many people in preflop?

first hand i lost there was to a black guy also waiting who swore he didnt have a players card, so he missed out on free money, because he waited about 90 minutes for the seat. and any time someone says they dont have a players card, i feel they must either be a troll out to target me and dont want known, or be a former banned player and no one have any idea of the ban.

so we all check a flop with 87Q and 2 spades. and on the turn a 2 of spades comes up to give me a set of deuces and i bet $5 and he makes it $25. i call. river comes 4 of hearts i check and he bets enough to put me allin. he turned the nut flush. how can he be last to act, with the ace high flush draw, and NOT BET THE FLOP?

Vince is supposed to come originally on tuesday, but now hes saying wed or thurs and he is flying in from NJ where his mom recently died and was there for her funeral. he was going to rent a car in dallas, and then drive to choctaw, where he would drive me and him to deadwood to look at some property hes thinking of buying, with a stop at my moms house on the way to meet her for the first time. 

id been winning for more often than not here on the vbj in choctaw since they paid back more, but i finally had another bad session yesterday, knowing the roll which id built up to $21200 back to only $18700. so i might finally be no longer ahead on vbj here. and i just found out today all the vbj terminals are down today so now i got nothing to do unless i return to poker and theyres usually always a wait on seats. what i wanted to do when i had all that money was fix a tooth in vegas, or go live in houston, florida or reno again while i was still over 20k. now i dont feel like i have enough. 

a week or two i was also dropped down to 18,500 after a losing day on vbj, but id built that back to over $21200

on the day bill potts and i went to lawton to check out their poker room, (8 handed with plexiglass) and closes the whole casino at 2am or 4am i got lucky both in their poker game which was quite looser than choctaw, and also on a golden egypt i found lit up on the $6 level. i won over $400 on it. 

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