i’ve been hanging out at the Indian casino because theyve been comping my rooms (except weekends) and because im too fearful of being at home at night because ive been told by every Uber driver thats one of the most dangerous suburbs of lake charles. and theres very few white people in that area. and ive been told by everyone he way overcharged me with that $1500 monthly lease August 4 to Sept 4, but who else can u rent from without ID, credit, or proof of income? this is happening to millions of poor people who cant get housing any other way, its not just me. Landlords take advantage of people and charge them higher prices than its worth when they have trouble getting a conventional lease. the privlidged few, (those with good jobs and credit like lightning) they can pick any apt of their choosing including luxury ones in good areas and still get them cheaper. 

and besides even if i was at home, its still at least $40 or more to get to the casino plus another $40 or so back. so its kind of worth it to be right here. if i was NOT getting the room free, the motel 2 blocks walking distance i could get for a little under $400 a week on priceline even though the hotel told me it only rents daily. (i guess to avoid people establishing residency). which isnt much different than the $1500 i paid for the lease. 

also the lease had no deposit, but it did say i would have to pay for any damages and must be the only one living there. i wonder how that will be enforced without a deposit? only thing i could damage would be the bedsheet or pillow though. 

and now ive got almost $200 in casino comp dollars which i guess could be used for like gas or cigarettes for other people and if i wasnt getting it free, they can also be applied towards hotel rooms u purchase. this VBJ has a very good comp rate compared to the one in deadwood. 

so if i was to return to Houston, i need to find out who wants cigarettes and how much they would pay for a carton and what brand. 

and it was so dead in there this morning i had no issue being alone the whole time i was playing for a few hours but it didnt seem to help. i lost over $4400 and cannot get no more money out of the ATM til tomorrow, and have only $1200 left of $5700. (what i woke up with and what i withdrew). the only good news i have to report is my roll is a little bit more than what i last told u guys it was. 

back in Houston, i started worrying for my safety in the clubs and underground games if people knew what i had, so i reduced the roll by $7000. i figured that would make it easier for them to understand how stressed i am about money and how much i value $3. i told Ray and only Ray this. i told others, such as Vince, Dustin, and Lightning that id reduced the roll by $4000. 

which the other day when i posted on twitter id dropped all the way down to $10,800, it was actually $13,800. and had i not added the $4000 back, the twitter roll wouldve said $6800. most of the time last month i was giving figures like $7000 $8000 and $9000 it was actually $14k-16k

but today, with this huge drop its not even $13,800. yesterdays $1700 win had me back to around $15,500 (including all the hidden money). and with the big loss, im almost at $11,000 but not quite since i have Uber and Lyft fees and deposits out of my roll. this is the lowest ive been in a long time, except for the brief moment right before receiving my $1200 stimulus check, when i was at $9709 in real money and only $2709 had the $7000 been subtracted. (which is what eddie in houston thought i had left). the lowest i had in real money in florida, when i was being honest with my figures, was $11,900 about the time i left. 

so i not only gave back on VBJ this morning all that i had won yesterday, but over $2500 more besides. martingaling is a nasty business. when i had one really large bet up i thought i was going to win a lot of doubles and splits with a few 20s and have 1 of the spots with more bets out lock up for another w2. dealer had 8 showing and then turned over another 8 and then a 4 for 20. so the hand i shouldve won several bets on pushed on most and all the other hands lost quite a bit. almost every hand was 18, 19, 20 and many of them were double downs. and i shouldve won over $2000 on the hand instead of losing $1200 or more that hand. 

and im sick of hearing every employee always saying good morning when they walk by. do u have to hear it 50 times from 50 employees? u dont want to be reminded of how happy and joyful they all are when u are miserable and just want to be alone away from everyone. and theyre not even saying it because they really mean it, they feel its their job to say it. they should use judgement and common sense to realize people are miserable losing alot of money they cant afford for the most part and just want to silently slip off to their room. almost everyone cant afford to lose that kind of money. its a lie that people can. they cant, but its often well hidden. they lie to themselves even thinking that they can. 

the microwave is down the hall, only a fridge is in the room. ive still got a few of my meals, but i ate some and a box of crackers. and my house in lake charles sure has a lot of food i bought still in it not here with me. i should just leave for NV or my mothers immediately or somewhere in TX or OK, but i dont really know where to go. i used to go to reno but its not cheap to live there anymore. i remember when i lived for $150 a week within a short walk of the peppermill. Grump is right when he said i shouldnt feel committed to staying for the whole month and he needs to explain that to Koala who disagrees. i feel the longer im here the more ill lose. i cannot believe the ID cost me so much. the true roll when i left houston (with the $7000 added) meant i left houston with $15,300 and now im at $10,900. so u can see how much ive lost in paying the lease, a few Uber fares, food, and the rest on video BJ. approximately $2500 on video BJ. since i had some poker wins, probably closer to $3500 lost on VBJ in the short 2 weeks or less ive been in louisiana. 

only way to survive is to go somewhere i feel safe and live at almost no cost and play poker. its a horrible shame i cant win online, but the lowest microstakes $3 sit n gos are far smarter and more skilled than the live $5-10 NL professionals are. so the only way to win is to not play online but to play live. u just cannot win by playing on acr.

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