well it cost me a bunch of money to do it, and to get an apartment in an area where im not really comfortable living in that i paid a months rent for up til sept 4, but at least i now have a louisiana ID that wont expire until August of 2024. its NOT the REAL ID with the gold star that will be needed to fly next year, but at least its a legal ID for all other purposes, such as showing it to the casino or renting a hotel room. 

a lease agreement/rental contract was one of the documents listed to prove an address in Louisiana, so that was the route i took. and everyone in this area said i got really overcharged to pay $1500 for a place in such a bad neighborhood. but remember he is renting to someone without credit or proof of income or even without ID, but im sure the entire neighborhood is filled with people whove been in prison a lot. its worth about $800 a month or less and its a house, not an apartment. 

went to a casino before i got the new ID and bet too much on the VBJ without thinking, and it locked up for a jackpot. so for a $600 bet (5 $100 bets and a $100 double down) i got paid $912 of the $1200 win (which was actually only a $600 win and the tax laws are seriously out of date and unfairly applied). they were supposed to be for big winners. and the other 24% was withheld for taxes. and of course my income isnt nearly high enough to owe 24%

the law was never corrected so no one ever bets high on vbj. imagine being at a table game, betting $600, winning $600 to make the dealer pay u $1200 and it being considered a $1200 win and u owe taxes on the whole $1200 including the $600 u bet. 

if these laws were fixed casinos could go to electronic gambling and people could do it all electronically betting even $1000 a hand without this issue every single hand. 

still would like to discuss certain issues with playing in Houston but now isnt the time yet, but i feel ive postponed updating the blog long enough. 

i will however say it bugged me to no end how no one at 52 social would ever listen to my concerns about them constantly having the cleaning woman going into the mens bathroom. who of course doesnt speak english. at least other casinos where i was annoyed by this, they leave if someone goes in there. but this particular establishment just doesnt give a damn no matter how often i complained. shows how far this country has fallen that every other man in there doesnt complain just like me. 

and another issue, its awful hard to get drivers for Uber or Lyft in this area. i will be glad when my month is up. still holding close to $8400 after paying for the month and all expenses, but luckily i won about $1000 in the past week or so it helped pay for some of my housing costs and my trip to lousiana.

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