The final day of flights kicked off just 89 players away from the guarantee. Saturday morning’s Day 1G had more than double any other morning flight with 77 players. 77 dropped all the way down to 11 when it was all said and done.

Day 1G

 Carlos  Crocker          299,000
 Alexander  Petrucelli          273,500
 Alex  Bereshny          264,000
 Joshua  Caba          200,500
 Chris  Funari          144,000
 Marilyn  Matthews          131,000
 Nir  Naim          125,500
 Dominic  Colonna          124,500
 Yevgeniy  Fruman          117,000
 Duy  Nguyen          109,000
 Sridhar  Nataratan 57,500

The largest flight of our event by far was last night’s Day 1H. The final flight of BIG Rush II say 104 entrants! That number brings the event total up to 492 – a BIG Rush Record. 20 players bagged in Day 1H making tomorrow’s Day 2 field 81.

Day 1H

 Micharl  Kogel          252,500
 Daryl  Black          240,500
 Max  Pinolla          234,500
 Ryan  Wilmott          185,500
 Robert  Trojan          154,000
 Robert  Sichelstiel          136,500
 Steve  DeLorean          135,500
 Hong  Hoangtai          135,500
 Justin  Valenti          134,000
 Mike  Linster          133,000
 Nate  Moss          131,000
 Sokhen  Pin          108,000
 William  Pace          103,500
 Blake  Stein            99,500
 Tony  Navar            97,000
 David  McConachie            95,000
 Kostyantyn  Tsygikal            90,500
 Jeff  Raman            57,000
 Yero  Doner            51,500
 Mark  Farrera            26,000

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