normally this wouldnt be nearly enough for a blog post, but theres nothing much to write about unless u want me to write about seeing the dentist and spending well over $1600 tuesday, and besides this post is long overdue. 

as far as seeing the dentist goes, Ray rented a car again so we would be able to go and of course, as ive told everyone hundreds of times in previous blogs, the dentist will not do IV sedation unless u have someone with u who can drive u home. and watch over u the rest of the day once u get home. and there was so much work we found in an xray and exam needing done that they also filled a tooth that day, and i have another 2-3 cavities that should be done in the next couple months or so if i dont want them getting worse and also they suggest a good deep cleaning needs done. so i did more than just have one tooth removed tuesday.

and i hope im not eating too aggressively to avoid getting dry socket but ive never had it yet in my life. 

we have both won money since coming to Houston, but my expenses are so incredibly high. with what ive spent on food, ubers, car rental fees, replacing phones and buying phones, buying chargers, normal bills, airbnbs, dentists, etc ive spent at least $4500 or so since leaving deadwood and ive won about $2500 or more since then too. but it goes out a little quicker than it comes in. 

i could possibly stay where i am if i had more money, the lady in the rental office could give me a 3 month lease if i prepaid and passed a records and eviction check even with poor credit. but it wouldnt be the unit off airbnb it would be a normal unit 100 percent unfurnished with absolutely nothing in it and the airbnb unit has everything needed, dishes, and a ton of furniture, towels, everything u need and is why its about 600-800 more per month than renting the usual way. 

well i was playing tonight and getting tired and i hadnt had much to play and was ahead 50 or so a couple times but most of the time i wasnt and i was ready to go home and eat and get online. But then again, i had less than 1 percent of my roll on the table, and i dont usually quit unless im either ahead, or am down more than 1 percent. i was only in the game for $160 at the time.

had it up to 223, and was down to about 180 or so at the time of this hand. and that was the most i was ever up. and i seen the flop for the $6 straddle along with a few others. flop comes 3,6,K with 2 diamonds. so im sitting there with an open end straight draw. and the guy in seat 2 bets $30 and a guy calls, and so do i. i cant shove and try to get fold equity with my tight image because if a flush draw calls with 2 cards to come i cant beat any. 

turn comes 9 of clubs and he bets again, other guy calls and i call, wondering if the other guy is drawing for the flush. river comes 10 of spades. so i have nothing and they both check and i shove my stack out of frustration and boredom, thinking i cant win a check and my fold equity should be good for something when i play no hands. you know how they say u must give action to get action? totally not true, for i constantly get action when i give none. the guy in seat 2 folds, like i thought he might but then the other guy calls and he has KQ. wtf didnt he raise the flop or turn? hes letting others draw cheap. bad play in my opinion. he isnt trapping or he would bet the river the second the guy checks. 

i dont think i should check, and give up with nothing but 5 high no pair, especially as much as is in the pot. 

i rebought and eventually an hour later during a bomb pot i won a pot and left over 200 up. i used to hate those but then i discovered i can get a big edge only playing them in very late position. like the button or next to it. and u cant hardly play anything in houston, holdem or omaha without bomb pots in all the cardrooms now. wasnt that way when i left town.

in the bomb pots they put 5 in and the flop is dealt, with 2 boards. and its omaha. i had nothing but 3489. and the top is 67K and the bottom is 326 or something close to it. 

everyone checked the flop so i got a free look and the dealer put another 6 on top and another 3 on the bottom. a guy bets $25 and a few call and i did too though thats a loose call. i had just won a pot and i do not remember what with, but i wasnt sure if i was up because id lost track of how much i was in for. i thought i might have been up 100 or more though. 

river comes 4 on bottom for 33344 and 5 on top for 9 high straight. guy checks, new guy bets 65 who i think is young and too aggressive and down a bit and often loses though he tries to win. and the loosest player is allin for $85. i shove well over 400 and get the one guy out and the guy who bet 65 thinks and then calls. he has a boat on top but certainly not the nuts and we split because my boat is good on the bottom, and the guy who made it 85 has none of the pot. had the other guy folded and not called the other 400 i couldve scooped the pot. was it right to shove?

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