Well Vince flew allegiant out of rapid city tonight back into Las Vegas and returned the car he rented in Dallas to their office in Rapid city, and i paid half of the $840 rental cost, and a bunch of the gas, and motel costs. thats one reason the $18,900 i had when i left Choctaw is now at only $17,800. but i was over $20,300 from a lot of early winning sessions on the VBJ before i gave a lot back the last 2 days. Im still up for the machine in the Mountain Grand for about $1300. i used to always lose there and only win or lose in the one at the Bullock, but its seeming im doing much better on the DMG this time.

the machine in the DMG is the dealers angels, which shows when it shuffles unlike the one in the Bullock, but it only gives 38% penetration instead of 66%. 

according to all of Bill Potts notes from Choctaw, that VBJ machine has about a 90-1 chance of being honest about when its shuffling. (tons of records of cards and hands). they did change the rules once since we started playing it heavily, its now European style BJ, where the dealer takes his card last, which is a bad rule for the player. but its still over 100% if u count it accurately and bet really high of $149 or $199 at the right times. u could bet more but u might get a w2g more likely than not if u bet over $200. the max is $500. u could play 2 machines next to each other if theres few asians on it playing baccarrat. 

also since the virus, cadillac jacks no longer keeps their poker room open til the last table breaks. its shut down now sometime after 2am every morning, even if the table is full (8 handed, no masks).

i wonder how long masks have been available for purchases at stores like Walmart and Family Dollar? i see them now all the time 2 for $1. they never sold them back when people needed a way to buy them back in April and May when the only way to get a mask was from the poker clubs in Houston, and for a while they were closed too except for underground. 

Maybe i should have flown back to vegas to get this one tooth fixed thats way overdue to come out, but i wanted to stay here a little while longer first, and there is also a good dentist in Houston, though he charges more. i am afraid of vegas because of all the violence on the strip coming from all the BLM and antifa and CA gang members who hate cops there right now. and it will only get worse after the election when Biden refuses to concede. 

Joe Biden and Kamala harris have been bailing people out of jail nonstop for killing white people, cops or trump supporters and raising money for them and calling them heroes for the violence or rapes they have comitted. ever heard of the Minnesota Freedom Fund? Many democratic cities are now letting people out without bail if they commit one of those types of crimes such as a murder of a police officer, arson, etc. this is why people should never vote for a democrat, although many still do. 

i would never feel comfortable in any area of the country thats not hardcore republican such as florida or south dakota or Oklahoma, until the virus is over and the violence sponsored by the democrats and the big tech companies who long for civil war to start up. so that leaves out visiting vegas, the new poker rooms reopening this week in NJ and PA, and other cities like maryland or minnesota. really limits the places in which u can go and play poker. 

it was good to see my mother for a day and im surprised she didnt try to convince both me and Vince to stay overnight in the basement. she sure looks much much older due to her eye and athritis problems, never seen her with such poor eyesight telling me to send anything to her in all capital letters or limping around before. mostly she talked about how hard it is on Mark being at Rosewood, and i wonder if lightning kept up with how they did her wrong on her facebook. he is a prisoner of the state now that she lost all custody of him. they do that to many disabled people in KS she has heard about from others and they do it for control of the state money. 

playing on seals with clubs because im not walking 2 miles to cadillac jacks from my motel and im broke on bet online and i cant remember if i have money on acr or not. i should go look now. (just found 85 cents) besides i lost 4 out of 5 poker sessions at cadillac jacks. and their big game no longer runs on wednesdays since the virus. and what im playing is hilow stud. i need to go back to sleep for about 3 more hours too. 

Last night i did the right thing in the eyes of Almighty God by returning to a casino once i noticed i got overpaid by $100 and the lady was so nice in finding me a spare pair of reading glasses when mine broke again i didnt want her to be in trouble and get charged when they found her drawer short $100. so i went back and told her but she had to wait til someone new came in for shift change to count down the bank. and while i hung around 2-3 hours instead of just coming back later, i lost over $1500 for doing the right thing. i also didnt want to look bad and be a poor witness for Jesus Christ by keeping money that wasnt mine when i was seen listening to JD Farag’s sermons while playing on utube. 

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