well me and Ray have been in Houston over a week, and i must say we are both winning. not every time of course, but overall, and we have a decent airbnb in which to live. i still would like to see us buy an old used car, but $225 a week (with poor credit) is too much to rent a car all the time, but it will be needed for next weeks dentist appt and a trip to coushatta to pick up a ton of free play over NYE weekend. 

i took him around to quite a few different casinos, including some ive never visited since i had a car. one place had a PLO8 game id never got to play and we both won over $300 in it, but that game only goes once per week and its way outside of town. he likes the fact the bus up and down Gessner, Richmond, and westheimer is so convenient. he was surprised at how easy the omaha games are to win it, and how big Houston is and how close everything is as far as things like banks and stores. 

and then i had to get a much better phone too and a good battery for charging it. ive spent a ton of money since i arrived here from deadwood. and ive got a lot more to spend. still will need a car again in the future, the dental work next week and then possibly renewing an apt for 3 more months. 

Ray thinks this airbnb is one of the nicest places he has ever stayed in, since everything in it is completely furnished. see we get to use their dishes, etc. a lot of kitchen supplies, etc. its easy to build money when he cant play nothing but poker instead of machines which is why he never had a roll. 

say to say my mother has covid, which means my son in the group home he lives in since they took over guardianship of him from my mother against his and her will, will not be able to see her for christmas. her being close to 80 has me a little worried about her health but its been going on 18-19 days and she has not been in the hospital because the doctor said she was ok as long as it wasnt affecting her lungs or breathing any. she never did get a chance to see the eye doctor which was so important because of it and the lady who was taking her is the one who unknowingly gave her the virus. 

but of course if u read her facebook, she still would never touch the vaccine. those things are not good and the stuff they put in them is unproven. it changes peoples DNA. and Bill Gates is evil. she still thinks Trump will win in congress, but i dont think there are enough non Rinos in congress to fight enough and i fear a Biden administration though mom believes no way in hell will Biden ever become president. 

i worry that tooth is causing issues, so ill be glad it will be removed finally. shouldve had it done in March along with the other tooth when it was suggested. same dentist as then.

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