dont let the title worry u, i did NOT take a big drop on VBJ like u might have thought from reading the title and be down below 20k again, although i am certainly overdue for it to happen soon. cant believe i am close to 23k from the 18900 i came with once down to around 15k

I know better than to play at Cadillac instead of saloon 10, but on wednesdays theres never a game, even though they have a dealer sit there waiting. so i had to go to cadillac if i wanted a chance to play live poker. so far my win rate there before tonight was 2 times out of 11 visits. 

i am very concerned that its not only choctaw and deadwood where i cant win, it will be anywhere in the country, including florida, because all the players i could beat are no longer playing due to the virus and its only those grinding out a living. whenever i get to visiting florida i hope to find out im wrong. airbnb is cheaper this year than last year. and i know the only reason it would be is because of the virus, less people are going outside their homes. but i actually am surprised there isnt a lot MORE people going to florida to be away from democratic governors and their restrictions. lots of people would be wanting to move i would think to where they would have a more normal life. especially since Republicans will be wanting to flee in droves if Biden wins the presidency. 

Biden sure wasnt lying when he said they built the largest voter fraud organization in history. But he did lie about a lot of other things. 

i bought in for $100 in the $3-100 spread limit game and i had been winning pots and feeling really good since i have had so much bad luck here during the month or so ive been in town. id tipped the dealer $3 twice instead of $1 or $0 and i was all the way up to $359. and i was considering moving to the smaller table or leaving altogether, but there was no seat open there but i wanted to lock up the profit to be safe and to have a win locked up emotionally. 

thats the biggest win ive had in here by far on this trip.

but then i raise to $25 preflop with 99 and get one caller who either limped UTG or was in the BB. its also possible he straddled UTG. i dont pay enough attention. 

flop comes 983 with 2 spades and he bets $45. im praying to God he flopped a set or an overpair instead of having a flush draw to seriously cut down on the number of outs. its an asian guy who i think ive seen before who doesnt exactly live here since hes staying in the hotel. i bet $145 and he bets $245, and im thinking oh shit, he is not going to fold. i know maybe im supposed to not want him to fold, but theres so much in the pot im better off locking up the profit. so i get the entire $359 in on the flop. ask if he will run it twice so i can be protected against the flush draw and he declines. and sure enough im fucked he has AK of spades for a draw instead of a set or overpair like i hoped. the turn made his flush and the board would not pair and i am suddenly extremely pissed off. for not quitting, not trying to move tables and because he declined running it twice. he must of known i had top set or he wouldnt have declined. 

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