This is a hard blog to write, because it doesnt put me in a very good light. But this happened about a week ago and i just never got around to writing it up. I got banned from a casino in deadwood theres not really any reason to go in, but to check a zodiac lion machine and a scarab maybe. 

i dont remember which day this was, but i think i was either stuck a few hundred that day, or had given back a large profit to where i hadnt hardly won anything that morning before i went to the Gold Dust casino. it was about 5-7am in the morning, and i went inside to see if there was a decent number of squares left lit on the zodiac lion or not. theres been times in deadwood i found so many squares lit at one of the 3 places that has it, i knew i was going to win $20-40 no matter what or more. but i didnt see nothing worth playing that morning and i lost about $10 playing it when i really shouldnt have because not enough were lit up. 

and on the way out the door i decided to walk over to the scarab grand, though theres never anything left on it, except for one time, which surprised me. and as i was getting off it, i saw a guy carrying a big cardboard cutout advertising some type of casino promotion, and i asked him why he was staring at me like im some sort of mental health retard, (which i feel people do all the time and is rude) and it makes me uncomfortable. then the guy asked me if i was “looking for tickets” left on machines, and i thought that was even more rude and was basically accusing me of being a thief when im one of the most honest people there is, so much so ive returned money and other items ive found people leave behind here in deadwood, (remember the taxicab incident). 

so my autism causes me to think, if this guy is being rude to me, what is the most rude thing i can say to him in return? for this is the way people are to me all the time on my blog and twitter, and i have been taught to behave this way by other people. I know its not how Jesus would want me to handle the situation, but its just human nature and this employee took it way out of proportion to not just let it go, and chalk it up to a bad day. 

so i asked him if his mother was a whore, and it turns out he is the main boss at that time of the morning, and he asked a security person that was about 20 feet away in the next room to throw me out. and then he left and the only person i could talk to instead of him was the security supervisor who worked that morning. who told me he would find out the full story later and would tell him the way i seen it. 

that being said, im overall in a pretty good mood, for i am still doing well here in deadwood, especially to be at $27,500 now having only arrived in deadwood with $18900. most all the winnings are from the vbj machines. 

hotel prices are decreasing for the winter too. though i will no longer have my place at the deadwood dicks available since they are shutting down for remodeling by the new owners taking control on dec 1, the gold country inn which was $334 a week, i noticed it on priceline for $175 plus taxes for a little over $210 total. thats a big difference from over 4-5 weeks ago. and several other places arent too bad either, though some are actually about $100 a week more if u include the resort fees. 


okay, now to get to the title of this post. does anyone know a forum called Vegas message boards, or have an account there with any sort of pull? for if so, i would love it if someone would show this blog to a moderator there. i tried to post this funny story as my first initial post as a joke and entertaining story, and was posting it under the newly created screen name of Sidney Powell. and it was never posted, and i found out i got banned for “trolling” and it really irritates me, because i was given no warning, and now i cannot even read the forums at all since im banned. at least on 2p2 they would give u a warning or u log off which still enables u to read the forums if banned. 


I’ve had good luck playing BJ elsewhere, so on a recent trip to Las vegas decided to see how i did here. and as usual since i can count down a 6 deck or 8 deck shoe without any errors in the count or in how to play the hands correctly, i was playing my usual game. I like the fact there are less players to a table now than before the coronavirus. But i noticed something weird going on.

Now i usually win about a few thousand or so a month when i play Blackjack over the course of many many hours. and my normal minimum bet is usually $5 or $10, (the table minimum) and my max bet like 3 spots of $200 each or 2 spots of $300, regardless of how high the count gets or how much im up or down, or what the table max is.

and I was slowly raising my bets during good counts, but the good counts were so few are far between it seemed like every shoe the first hand off the top of the shoe the running count immediately went highly negative and stayed that way throughout much of the entire shoe, and this was happening so many shoes in a row that i never got any decent counts to raise the bets. I dont want to name any casinos, but lets just say i was in a casino far enough removed from its neighbors i couldnt have easily switched games because i wasnt in a main tourist location because i liked this hotel better.

I think this casino must be cheating, because i ended up losing all my money and also about another 40% of my net worth. and that was money i withdrew while here that i didnt bring in cash because i didnt want to carry over $10,000 on a plane. Here is how i think the casino is cheating. I think it must be adding a ton of extra face cards to the deck, just to make sure every shoe starts off with a massive negative count to keep you from ever having a chance to raise your bet from the minimum. out of about 50 shoes, i only found 4 with positive counts, and the other 46 all had a big negative count, which should be mathamatically impossible in a count just as likely to be plus 1 as minus 1 in theory.

on those 4 shoes i lost a massive amount, because i was so eager to finally bet big, i bet a little too high according to Kelly’s criterion. And i wanted to win too and was in the hole a bunch. and on all the other shoes i was losing so much a tiny bit at a time. i ever felt like the correct way to play would be to bet big off the top of the shoe, for one reason its great cover so the pit boss doesnt know u are counting, and also, it would be the ONLY time the whole shoe i wouldnt be in the middle of a massive negative count.

its a shame the casino would be so dishonest as to do this to purposively keep the count highly negative to discourage counters, but how else can u explain so many massive negative shoes in a row? the odds of a 52 card random deck without some extra 10s in it would be astronomical?

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